Webflow or WordPress

I can’t count the number of times someone asks me about website development and which platform they should use. Beyond hard-coding from scratch, there are so many platforms and tools out there today that it can be daunting. Over the time I’ve either worked with web designers, or developers I’ve realized there’s no right answer, … Read more

Are the Banks Getting Scared?

It looks like the major US banks are taking the threat from Apple and PayPal, as well as the neobanks more seriously. If they’re not, why are they planning to roll out a new “wallet” that mimics what Apple Pay and PayPal are doing. Here’s a summary about the new “wallet” the banks want you … Read more

Getting Visible at ITExpo

In today’s media-saturated world, it can be tough for brands to get noticed. With so much noise and clutter out there, how can you make sure your brand story is heard? When I host the panel Getting Visible: Telling Your Brand Story at IT Expo on February 13th in Fort Lauderdale, FL, we’ll dve into … Read more

More On AI Writing Tools

Artificial intelligence is rapidly changing the landscape of many industries, and writing is no exception. There are now a lot of AI tools available that can help writers improve their work, so I decided to take a look at some of them. I also wanted to express how using AI tools has helped me personally … Read more

For Amazon, Its Chime Time

It’s been a while since Amazon Chime was in mainstream telecom news. Chime is the cloud-based communication service that Amazon acquired in February 2018. Back then, many people in the VoIP world were scratching their heads, wondering what Amazon would do with it, largely thinking it would be a part of Amazon Connect, the customer … Read more

Why Teachers Are Wrong About ChatGPT

Back in the 80’s when I was in college I was the king of online access for research. While other students were spending time in the libraries researching their papers, gathering information, I was using DIALOG, a service Lockheed-Martin operated, plus a bunch of other services that I had access to. Back then those services … Read more

Wine: Tasting vs. Drinking

Over the past few months, since returning home from Italy and my extended European work, I realized I’d drifted away from “wine tasting” and moved more into “wine drinking.” For many, the two may appear to be the same on the surface. But they’re not. Tasting wine involves a lot more spitting, far less consumption, … Read more

Traffic Problems for Carriers

For many years Skype was the alternative to using your regular phone number. While other services like Truphone, Free World Dialup, Gizmo Project and more all were around as VoIP alternatives, millions of people flocked to Skype to call their friends and family, as well as used it internally as their “private” phone service. In … Read more


STIR/SHAKEN has been in the news as the FCC takes a more aggressive posture to prevent the abuse and scams impacting the public. But just what is STIR/SHAKEN? To put it in plain English, STIR/SHAKEN is a technology used to combat robocalls, which are automated phone calls that are often used for scams or spam. … Read more