Trends in Digital Nomad Travel

I’ve been a global nomad and remote worker since my first job, in 1974 when I was 14 and working as the Public Relations Assistant for the Philadelphia Wings pro lacrosse team. Yes, almost 50 years of working wherever I could get my work done. Back then it was a phone line, a reporter’s notebook, … Read more

A Perfect T (mobile)

Sue Marek at Fierce Wireless wrote a really nice piece on what’s happening with T-Mobile here in the USA. As a T-Mobile customer for many, many years, as well as someone who has roamed on it with Google Fi and Truphone, and used the no cost T-Mobile global 5G roaming recently, Sue’s reporting is as thought … Read more

A Long Time Coming

It has been since 2004 when I first launched my blog, VoIPWatch. I launched it on TypePad because it was simpler to use back then than WordPress. For years I’ve been wanting to move the blog over and rename it, as That way I could combine VoIPWatch along with Working Anywhere and make it a repository for … Read more

Audio and Video Quality is Key for Effective Conference Calls 

  In today’s business world, almost everything is done remotely. We conduct meetings via conference calls, we collaborate with co-workers in different time zones through video chat, and we even interview candidates for open positions without ever meeting them in person. While this may save on travel expenses and time, it also presents some unique … Read more


It seems TypePad has been offline for a few days. What I thought was an intermittent outage was much worse. I can see that everything is still not right, and offer my apologies to my readers and loyal followers of many, many years.   Andy Abramson

Self (Helpless) Checkout

The New York Times has a story on how Wegmans, a regional supermarket chain has decided to drop self checkout. As I was just in London where self-checkout is all over the place in Tesco, M&S and even the really hip Amazon store on Wood Wharf, I found myself wondering how much money is being … Read more

Yes It’s Time To Blog

Ya gotta love longtime pal Om Malik. He has a way of just being the "editor" who kicks one in the posterior at just the right time. Today he posted about Blogging, and it reminded me how much I've missed it. Sure I've been doing some Medium and LinkedIn writing now and then, but to … Read more