Presentations that Resonate: The Shift from Impress to Express

In the realm of impactful communication, it’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to dazzle our audience with our knowledge and expertise. However, true connection and lasting impact come from a place of authenticity and value, not from the grandiosity of our presentation skills. Taking cues from contemporary insights and my own experiences, … Read more

The Remote Work Paradox: Bosses Push for Office Return Despite Preferring Remote Work Themselves

In a recent twist in the remote work saga, it’s become evident that bosses prefer working remotely more than their employees. This counterintuitive trend underlines a growing paradox in the corporate world. Despite their personal preferences for remote work, many leaders are still pushing for a return to traditional office environments. As someone who’s been … Read more

Navigating the Future of Telecommunications: A Deep Dive into IT Expo 2024’s Most Anticipated Panels

At IT Expo 2024, which will be held again in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, starting Tuesday, February 13th,  I’ll moderate five panels exploring cutting-edge IT and telecom topics, from generational IT strategies to the Metaverse’s impact on telcos. These sessions aim to bridge knowledge gaps, inspire innovation, and provide strategic insights for attendees to shape the … Read more

Why The Pulver Order Is Important

In the ever-evolving landscape of telecommunications, few regulatory decisions have had as profound an impact as the Pulver Order. This landmark 2004 FCC ruling, named after Jeff Pulver, a pioneer in Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, set a precedent that has been instrumental in shaping the future of digital communication. It’s considered a pivotal … Read more

The Andy Analysis: Comcast Docsis 4.0

Comcast’s Leap into DOCSIS 4.0 in Philadelphia: A Game-Changer for Connectivity Comcast’s rollout of DOCSIS 4.0 in Philadelphia is a pivotal development in broadband technology, offering multi-gigabit speeds and enhanced network efficiency. This move elevates Comcast’s position in the market and sets a new benchmark for broadband performance, potentially influencing the broader industry toward more … Read more

Andy’s Guide to Anker Chargers and Power Banks for the Global Traveler

I’m back traveling the globe and staying connected has always been crucial to my travel life. While I can use power plug converters to plug in locally with Apple’s supplied charging products, I’m finding that the size and weight of those Apple power adapters are too burdensome for the travel plu converters. Moreover, hotels often … Read more

Prompt Engineering is One Of The Top Career Choice Right Now

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming industries and creating new career paths. Prompt engineering is one of the top career choices right now. Prompt engineering is an emerging profession in artificial intelligence (AI). It involves crafting text-based prompts for AI systems to ensure they provide accurate and relevant responses. This job requires a … Read more

The Future of Video Conferencing: Navigating the New Normal and Beyond

The pandemic has reshaped the way we work, communicate, and collaborate. As we transition into a post-pandemic era, the rise of remote work, hybrid workplaces, and the broader use of WiFi 6 and 5G technology are setting the stage for a new era in video conferencing. That makes these nearer term technology adoptees all poised … Read more

Working Elsewhere The Next Tech Category

When it comes to the new workplace environment, the concept of Working Anywhere is truly here. We work in an Office. At Home. Or Elsewhere. Those are the three categories that exist. Sure, some pundits will try to divide up the "Elsewhere," but for simplicity sake, let's just call those places-the hotels, cars, airplanes, coffee … Read more