The Remote Work Paradox: Bosses Push for Office Return Despite Preferring Remote Work Themselves

In a recent twist in the remote work saga, it’s become evident that bosses prefer working remotely more than their employees. This counterintuitive trend underlines a growing paradox in the corporate world. Despite their personal preferences for remote work, many leaders are still pushing for a return to traditional office environments. As someone who’s been … Read more

Exploring the World of Honey: A Journey Through Flavors and Cultures

Recently, while in Budapest and then in Cagliari, I really got back into tea, which in turn led me to start to explore honey.  You see, honey, in its splendid variety, offers a glimpse into the diverse landscapes and cultures of our world. From the floral fields of Europe to the diverse ecosystems of the … Read more

The Pulver Order: A Game Changer in Telecom – The Andy Analysis

In 2004, when the FCC dropped the Pulver Order bombshell, it wasn’t just a regulatory shift; it was a seismic wave that redefined the telecom battleground. This wasn’t just about legal jargon; it was a green light for a telecom renaissance, where VoIP wasn’t just a tool but a weapon for industry titans. In reality, … Read more

The Andy Analysis: Comcast Docsis 4.0

Comcast’s Leap into DOCSIS 4.0 in Philadelphia: A Game-Changer for Connectivity Comcast’s rollout of DOCSIS 4.0 in Philadelphia is a pivotal development in broadband technology, offering multi-gigabit speeds and enhanced network efficiency. This move elevates Comcast’s position in the market and sets a new benchmark for broadband performance, potentially influencing the broader industry toward more … Read more

Andy’s Guide to Anker Chargers and Power Banks for the Global Traveler

I’m back traveling the globe and staying connected has always been crucial to my travel life. While I can use power plug converters to plug in locally with Apple’s supplied charging products, I’m finding that the size and weight of those Apple power adapters are too burdensome for the travel plu converters. Moreover, hotels often … Read more

When In Roam

Grind TV has a nice summary about the Roam Co-working and co-living operation that currently have three properties up and running in Madrid, Miami and Bali. The company, which is promising more locations in the near future, has raised over $3 million dollars to fuel property acquisition and growth around the globe.  Far more than … Read more