The Sunday Edition of the Comunicano Communique for January 24th 2016

          The Comunicano Communique     Hello from COLD and CHILLY Miami. You read right. Cold and Chilly. It's only 46 degrees, and I'm staying INSIDE. The Marathon is running outdoors, but before the race began you could feel the chill in the air. Today's top story has to be the winter storm … Read more

The Comunicano Communique-The Sunday Paper Edition for January 17th 2016

          The Comunicano Communique     Sunday is the day I look more for the non-news articles and stories that make you think. Learn. Discover. Sure I toss in the occasional "fact" based news story but Sunday's are lazy days. Lean back. Relax. So today you're going to find what I … Read more

The Comunicano Communique for Wednesday January 13th 2016

          The Comunicano Communique     OOOH is today a news junkies kind of day. Lots of facts, thoughts, insight on many parts of the Internet online, connected and engaged economy. We'll start off with two events you need to know about. First is Google I/O and the second is Mobile Sunday … Read more

The Comunicano Communique for Monday December 28th 2015

          The Comunicano Communique     It's Monday, and I have to wonder how many people are really back to work versus being "at work" this week. Well, your trusty curator has been sniffing out the stories and making news myself in CommPro.Biz and realizing how great it is to not be … Read more

The Comunicano Communique for Tuesday December 15th 2015

        The Comunicano Communique     It's only mid-December and the news is slowing down…..really slowing down. As the year ends we're seeing more "recaps" and "best of's" earlier and earlier. Given a long Thanksgiving week replete with CyberMonday, the last six weeks of the year are turning into a news graveyard of … Read more

The Comunicano Communique for Friday December 11 2015

      The Comunicano Communique     The Comunicano Daily is no more. We've changed the name to the Communique. The name has been changed for a few reasons. First, doing this everyday, especially when I've been globally nomadic the past seven months has been challenging. But also I wanted to mix up the … Read more

The Comunicano Daily for July 28th, 2015

          The Comunicano Daily       My co-founder, along with Josh Baylin, in VelocityGrowth, Jeff Belk was one of the key executives who put Qualcomm on the map. There Jeff, who rose to CMO and CSO, instilled a marketing culture amongst a group of inventors, IP attorneys and engineers. Jeff retired from … Read more

The Comunicano Daily for Monday July 20th, 2015

View in web browser       The Comunicano Daily       Hello from Lisbon where the temperature is 84 degrees/29 degrees Celsius and sunny. The weekend was one of those "catch up" weekends flying back from London Gatwick to here, finding the apartment A/C was off but getting it to work as the breaker had … Read more

The Comunicano Daily for Wednesday July 8th 2015

    The Comunicano Daily       It's always fun to watch the moves in big business. A few years ago Microsoft acquired Nokia, largely to help them with their hardware business. At that time, Nokia then was also partnered with Siemens to form NSN on the infrastructure side of the house. Now NSN is … Read more

The Comunicano Daily for Friday November 14, 2014

        The Comunicano Daily       It's always nice to wake up to see Comunicano clients in the news. Today, GigaOm's David Meyer captured the news about Temasys launching the All AWS (Amazon Web Services) based Skylink for WebRTC developers. In essence, if someone is building services on Amazon's Web Services … Read more