Disney + and the Rise of The Self Marketer

I've been following Disney's pursuit of their own streaming service and the process they've undertaken to get there. For starters they signaled their intention and then acquired the infrastructure of MLB's streaming group. That was a key and very schrewed move, as the MLB infrasructure was already supporting other companies, like WWE, and was a … Read more

The Comunicano for Wednesday February 22 2017

    FEBRUARY 22 – ISSUE #28     UPS, like Amazon, is fascinated with what flying drones can do for their business. For normally silent UPS, their efforts with drones seem to be “taking off” in Florida the way Uber is testing driverless cars in Arizona. We lift off today with three items about … Read more

The Comunicano Communique for Wednesday April 13th, 2016

          The Comunicano Communique     This week is best viewed as Facebook's Week. With their F8 conference they are setting things up for their next few years of growth. This basically means now that they have attracted enough of us to be regular "users" and we're "hooked" it's really time to make money. … Read more

The Comunicano Communique for Friday April 8th 2016

          The Comunicano Communique     Good Morning. It's Friday and it's been a busy week. Our big client news was YipTV joining T-Mobile's BingeOn. For the New Jersey based company this is a major milestone and likely a harbinger of things to come……The news cycle this week has also been fast … Read more

The Comunicano Communique for Thursday March 31st 2016

          The Comunicano Communique     Good Morning. It's Thursday and as I wrote earlier in the week, the NEWS is happening. Today there is more than double the usual number of news stories you'll receive, with 18, and also far less feature content…..so grab the coffee and get ready to read. … Read more

The Comunicano Communique for Friday March 4th 2016

          The Comunicano Communique     It's no surprise that this week the Amazon Echo is the darling of the news this week or that my pals at Telzio announced their start of integration with the Echo. Now we're seeing more and more reasons coming out about how voice is the next … Read more

The Comunicano Communique for Tuesday March 1st 2016

          The Comunicano Communique     Slice of Life Time….I penned a piece over on Medium.com all about home delivery services. It's a six minute read. As for news, we have some Google news. Some travel news. Some other news. Oh, and it turns out I'm on Business Rockstars today-prerecorded-so give a … Read more

The Sunday Paper Edition- The Comunicano Communique for January 31st 2016

          The Comunicano Communique     Happy Sunday…..Facebook is going to disrupt sports and entertainment as we know it.  Forget TMZ. Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood. ESPNs SportsCenter. Facebook with live, streaming video is now a live new outlet for real time news, sports and entertainment. How are they a news outlet? First, with their move … Read more