AI in Telecom Today and Tomorrow

As we plan for 2024 and a series of VON: Evolution events throughout the coming year, I wanted to look at what’s driving some of the sectors the Salon Series focused on this past year and will continue to in the next year ahead. It’s great to see how the telecommunications industry is leveraging artificial … Read more

Telecom Industry in State of Change

The telecom industry is experiencing significant changes, from cloud transitions and remote work innovations to new leadership, regulatory shifts, and strategic partnerships. These developments are shaping the landscape of UCaaS, CPaaS, and CCaaS, offering both challenges and opportunities for telecom executives. Here are a few examples: EU’s New AI Law: The European Union has reached … Read more

AT&T’s Latest Announcement: A Blast from the Past or a Leap into the Future?

As someone who’s seen the telecom industry evolve, I can’t help but chuckle at AT&T’s latest move. It’s like watching a movie sequel that’s unsure if it wants to pay homage to the original or chart its own course. Let’s raise our glasses (or our old CallVantage ATAs) to AT&T’s timeless art of reinvention! You … Read more

The eSIM Solution is Easy

During my global travels, I’ve navigated the challenge of staying locally connected for over 20 years. Since 1999, acquiring local SIM cards for my cell phones has always been both a game and a challenge, starting with a memorable purchase in France that included opening a French bank account, buying my first of two Nokia … Read more

Andy’s Guide to Anker Chargers and Power Banks for the Global Traveler

I’m back traveling the globe and staying connected has always been crucial to my travel life. While I can use power plug converters to plug in locally with Apple’s supplied charging products, I’m finding that the size and weight of those Apple power adapters are too burdensome for the travel plu converters. Moreover, hotels often … Read more

Amazon Employs AI for Smoother Holiday Shopping and Speedier Deliveries

Amazon is using artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the customer experience and speed up deliveries, especially during the busy holiday season. Amazon employs AI in various aspects of its business, such as predicting product demand, optimizing inventory management, utilizing robots in fulfillment centers for efficient handling and sorting of packages, and optimizing delivery routes using … Read more

How To Use Chat GPT for Transcription

To transcribe audio recordings using ChatGPT, you can leverage the Speech-to-Text function powered by OpenAI’s Whisper API. This feature allows you to convert audio files into written text in over 50 languages, making it a versatile tool for various applications. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to transcribe audio recordings using ChatGPT: Following these steps … Read more

Redundancy In Action: Staying Connected With Dual Devices

In today’s interconnected world, the importance of staying connected cannot be overstated, particularly for professionals whose work spans the globe. A prime example of strategic connectivity that i like to deploy is using a set of dual devices – specifically, the iPhone 15 Pro and the Google Pixel 7 Pro – on different mobile networks … Read more

What’s Next for Wireless?

The wireless industry is constantly evolving. Every year, we see new technologies and trends emerge that have the potential to change the landscape of wireless forever. So, what's next for wireless? Here's what to watch: 1. eSIMs: Embedded SIM (eSIM) cards are the next generation of SIM cards. Unlike traditional SIM cards, which are physical … Read more