The Comunicano Communique for Monday March 28th 2016

          The Comunicano Communique     Good Morning. It's a Monday and the stories today are going to help you do better business.  Take the changes going on in Social Media. Instagram. Snapchat. Facebook. News about each of them leads things off. Then there's growth. Netflix and Spotify both are changing the … Read more

The Comunicano Communique for Friday March 4th 2016

          The Comunicano Communique     It's no surprise that this week the Amazon Echo is the darling of the news this week or that my pals at Telzio announced their start of integration with the Echo. Now we're seeing more and more reasons coming out about how voice is the next … Read more

The Comunicano Communique for Thursday March 3rd 2016

          The Comunicano Communique     Another Slice of Life Time….Yesterday local L.A. startup, Telzio announced details of their efforts that integrate their telephone service with the red the red-hot Amazon Echo. Seems their timing was spot-on as today Amazon has two new devices that are Echo focused. Check out pal Rich … Read more

The Sunday Paper Edition- The Comunicano Communique for January 31st 2016

          The Comunicano Communique     Happy Sunday…..Facebook is going to disrupt sports and entertainment as we know it.  Forget TMZ. Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood. ESPNs SportsCenter. Facebook with live, streaming video is now a live new outlet for real time news, sports and entertainment. How are they a news outlet? First, with their move … Read more

The Comunicano Communique for Thursday January 28th, 2016

          The Comunicano Communique     Check out today's stories…….lots of good reading that's thought provoking. And not ONE about the Trump-Fox feud. You can read that everywhere else.  Lots of really well written pieces on a variety of subjects that are relevant to many of you in different ways. Start Up? … Read more

The Sunday Edition of the Comunicano Communique for January 24th 2016

          The Comunicano Communique     Hello from COLD and CHILLY Miami. You read right. Cold and Chilly. It's only 46 degrees, and I'm staying INSIDE. The Marathon is running outdoors, but before the race began you could feel the chill in the air. Today's top story has to be the winter storm … Read more

The Comunicano Communique-The Sunday Paper Edition for January 17th 2016

          The Comunicano Communique     Sunday is the day I look more for the non-news articles and stories that make you think. Learn. Discover. Sure I toss in the occasional "fact" based news story but Sunday's are lazy days. Lean back. Relax. So today you're going to find what I … Read more

The Comunicano Communique for Wednesday January 13th 2016

          The Comunicano Communique     OOOH is today a news junkies kind of day. Lots of facts, thoughts, insight on many parts of the Internet online, connected and engaged economy. We'll start off with two events you need to know about. First is Google I/O and the second is Mobile Sunday … Read more

The Comunicano Communique for Friday December 25th 2015

          The Comunicano Communique     Merry Christmas….While today is a holiday, the start of a three day weekend or the start of a ten day break for many, I'm still reading and curating news articles.  Today's Comunicano Communique features of course a story on Google's Santa Tracker, as well as a few … Read more