The COMUNICANO for Thursday February 23 2017

Andy Abramson
Getting Quoted…and getting quoted regularly are two different things. So far this year I’ve been quoted three times. Last year over 40. Like the number of exits Comunicano has been involved in, now 42, this isn’t luck, chance or accidental. It’s all about having insight, perspective and opinion on subjects, and having the ability to articulate the answer so it’s reporter educational and friendly. 
So the first story about the fastest way through some airports, CLEAR, has my quote, but the background provided to the reporter is there too…that’s how you GET QUOTED…There’s also news about Amazon getting in some hot water, Facebook trying to play nice, faster mobile in the USA, Twitter getting more “personal”, Lyft adding more cities and more news you need to know, so now onto the news in today’s COMUNICANO.

Travel Watch
Now you can go through MSP airport security with a fingerprint or iris scan

Norwegian Air steps up transatlantic pressure with $65 fares| Reuters

Media Watch
Facebook Is Trying To Smooth Over Relationships With The Media

Amazon Watch
What 'Chime' is it? Amazon sued over name of its new online conferencing technology

Amazon resists US demands to hand over Echo audio in murder case

Ridesharing Watch
Google’s Waze Plans Expansion of Ride-Sharing Service

Lyft launches in 54 new cities, while Uber does damage control

Wireless Watch
T-Mobile Continues to Boost Capacity for Customers with LTE-U Launching in Spring 2017

GE, Intel, AT&T team up to put cameras, mics in San Diego

Why I am not going to buy a cellphone

Odds & Ends
Google's Perspective API Opens Up Its Troll-Fighting AI

Twitter tweaks direct messages for brands so they sound more human

How Peter Thiel’s Palantir Helped the NSA Spy on the Whole World

How leaders of 9 billion-dollar companies stay productive

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