If Om’s Right about Rural Broadband

Uber blogger and Business 2.0 correspondent Om Malik has drawn attention to the next wave of rural broadband in his blog today.

I tend to agree with him, as rural America represents a huge underserverd market. Add together Fixed Broadband like was done on the island of Maui by Maui Sky Fiber with Voice over IP and a whole new way of being and staying connected occurs.

Next generation services would sprout up, for if you’ve ever worked in places in rural America like I have, the need for Internet access and a phone connection could easily be served by this technology.

Here in California there is the Skyweb Alliance made up of three regional wireless broadband networks that provide coverage to over 60 percent of the Golden State’s territory.

Wireless broadband, which had a lull when LMDS and MMDS services petered out, are making a resurgence. Add in VoIP and watch it grow.

Stay connected,

Andy Abramson