Wired On VoIP

Xeni Jardin in Wired Magazine’s, January 2004 edition provides a very entry level review of some of the Voice Over IP Services that are out there but leaves out some of the players and totally excludes how to get the Voice onto the Internet.

By lumping Vonage, Sipphone, Skype and Free World DialUp together and not explaining to users how they services differ Jardin has tried to present apples and oranges in the same bowl. The need for and ATA or a Softphone, the fact that Skype is really a first generation voice presence tool, and less of a VoIP platform as it currently lacks the ability to terminate a call on PSTN, which all the rest either can, do, or have the ability to do, also adds to the thinness of the story.

Lastly, other players like Packet 8, VoicePulse and iConnectHere were left out, and those three already do what Vonage does.