A Long Time Coming

It has been since 2004 when I first launched my blog, VoIPWatch. I launched it on TypePad because it was simpler to use back then than WordPress. For years I’ve been wanting to move the blog over and rename it, as andyabramson.com. That way I could combine VoIPWatch along with Working Anywhere and make it a repository for all the things I want to write about. Not just VoIP which is really now, more at the core of all things telecom

For years I’ve written on VoIPWatch about more than just VoIP. There’s been mobile, 3G, 4G, LTE and now 5G. I’ve covered Skype which was and wasn’t VoIP to some purists, as well as audio and video conferencing, collaboration and more. With Working Anywhere, I was one of the first to really admit that going to the office wasn’t something that was really necessary, and in reality, since my first job way back in 1974, the office was only partially where I did my job, and since 1993 I’ve never really had one.

So last week, when TypePad had an extended outage I decided it was time to move the site over to WordPress (at least for now). Why? My content it seems is exportable to WordPress, but not WebFlow which is the platform I think I’ll eventually be using. But for now, something that was a long time coming, the move to WordPress, has finally happened.

This means I’ll be learning WordPress. Sure I’ve built a site in it already. That site is WineSiders, my wine review site that I’m also dusting off before, and it after a few years of it being it, it works just fine, but there’s so much to WordPress that I need to learn and discover. 

Most of all, I’m back to writing, and it won’t just be about VoIP on AndyAbramson.comSure that will still be a core part of what I post about, I mean, who let’s the apple fall from the tree, but to be candid just as VoIP is core to telecom today, technology is as core to our lives. 

And that’s what I’ll be writing about here.