Supermodel Naomi Campbell Debuts Humane’s Innovative AI Pin at Paris Fashion Week

Supermodel Naomi Campbell debuted a new wearable called the “AI Pin” from a company called Humane at Paris Fashion Week. The AI Pin is a clothing-based wearable device that uses sensors for context-aware interactions. The device was showcased on Campbell’s lapel during a fashion show, and it is set to be fully unveiled on November 9. Humane, founded by ex-Apple employees, has received significant funding for its AI-driven projects, and the AI Pin represents its foray into the fashion world.

In simpler terms, fashion model Naomi Campbell wore a special pin at a fashion show. This pin is different because it uses sensors to do things to understand what’s happening around it and interact with the person wearing it. They reportedly raised $30 million to make this AI powered pin, and now everyone is excited to see what it can do when it’s fully revealed in November.