Latest Adobe Updates Accelerated by NVIDIA GPUs Improve Workflows for Creatives

Adobe has released new updates to its popular creative apps, such as Photoshop and Premiere Pro, that leverage generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology. These updates, powered by NVIDIA GPUs, enhance the workflow for creatives by providing faster processing and new AI-driven features.

For example, video editors can improve dialogue quality with the Enhance Speech function and decode digital film clips faster, while photographers can access new Lens Blur effects and improved performance in their editing process. The NVIDIA Studio drivers further enhance these capabilities and are available for free to owners of NVIDIA GPUs.

In simple terms, Adobe has updated its apps to make it easier for artists and creators to make cool stuff using their computers. These updates use artificial intelligence to make things happen faster and look better. \

The technology is powered by NVIDIA, which makes chips for computers that help them work really fast. So now, the artists and creators can do their work quicker and make it look even more amazing.