UK Tech Festival Showcases Startups Using AI for Creative Industries

Nine startups showcased their innovations at the Bristol Technology Festival in the UK after participating in a challenge hosted by Digital Catapult and NVIDIA. These startups were given funds to develop projects that use generative AI, digital twins, and other groundbreaking technologies for use in creative industries. Some of the showcased projects included Lux Aeterna’s generative AI-powered text-to-image toolkit for visual effects and Meaning Machine’s generative AI system for in-game characters and dialogue.

Startups that use artificial intelligence (AI) and other cutting-edge technologies showed off their cool ideas at a festival in Bristol, UK. They were part of a challenge run by Digital Catapult and NVIDIA, in which they were given money to develop their projects. One startup, called Lux Aeterna, used AI to make cool special effects for movies and TV shows. Another startup, called Meaning Machine, used AI to make video game characters talk and interact with players in a realistic way. They showcased their ideas at the festival and everyone was very impressed.