Time for Some Album Art

I go back to the days of Hipgnosis, creators of some of the most amazing album covers ever. So, when I read the article “35 Best Midjourney Prompts for Album Covers” on Great Prompts, I couldn’t help but wonder what their team of artists could be doing in the new era of generative AI.

The article discusses the many different album cover styles and provides us with 35 Midjourney prompts to create them. What I like about the story is how it covers the many different styles of album jackets, such as painted, abstract, photographic, minimal shapes, retro/vintage, and illustrated, each suited for different music genres. The prompts help artists design visually appealing and genre-specific album covers to capture the essence of their music.

In the article, they also discuss making cool pictures for music albums. They give artists ideas on how to create different styles of pictures, such as painting, abstract designs, photos, simple shapes, old-fashioned looks, and drawings, while also showing imagery that will help people know the music on the album.

If you’re into music, give the article a read, and then go create your “cover” cover version of an album you love.