Here Comes The GPTs

OpenAI has introduced a new feature called GPTs, which allows users to create custom versions of its ChatGPT model for specific purposes. GPTs can be tailored to help with tasks such as learning board game rules, teaching math, or designing stickers. Anyone can create their own GPT without coding and share it with others, either … Read more

Use AI to Make Your Own Playlist Art on YouTube Music

YouTube Music has introduced a new feature to make it more personal by allowing users to create custom cover art for their playlists using artificial intelligence (AI). With this new feature, users can choose from different categories like animals, food, nature, and more, and the AI will generate unique artwork based on their selection. This … Read more

DALL·E 3 is now available in ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise

OpenAI has released DALL·E 3, an advanced image model, in its ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise services. This allows users to describe their vision in a conversation and have ChatGPT generate a selection of visual images that they can refine and iterate upon. DALL·E 3 is an improved version of its predecessor, capable of generating visually … Read more

UK Tech Festival Showcases Startups Using AI for Creative Industries

Nine startups showcased their innovations at the Bristol Technology Festival in the UK after participating in a challenge hosted by Digital Catapult and NVIDIA. These startups were given funds to develop projects that use generative AI, digital twins, and other groundbreaking technologies for use in creative industries. Some of the showcased projects included Lux Aeterna’s … Read more

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Latest Adobe Updates Accelerated by NVIDIA GPUs Improve Workflows for Creatives

Adobe has released new updates to its popular creative apps, such as Photoshop and Premiere Pro, that leverage generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology. These updates, powered by NVIDIA GPUs, enhance the workflow for creatives by providing faster processing and new AI-driven features. For example, video editors can improve dialogue quality with the Enhance Speech function … Read more

How AI Helps Fight Wildfires in California

DigitalPath, an AI company, has developed a system powered by NVIDIA GPUs that can detect wildfires in California in real time. The system uses a convolutional neural network trained on NVIDIA GPUs and a network of cameras spread across the state to identify signs of fire, providing timely alerts to first responders. The initiative, called … Read more

Is Zoom Going After The Office/Workspace Market?

Zoom has launched “Zoom Docs”, an AI-powered, adaptive workspace to enhance real-time, hybrid collaboration. It supports various tasks like documentation, work management, and is integrated with Zoom and other apps for a streamlined workflow. On the other hand, Google Workspace and Notion offer a range of productivity tools and collaborative features, with Google providing more … Read more