The FCC’s Green Light to SpaceX: A Game Changer for Mobile Connectivity

The FCC’s approval for SpaceX to test Starlink on mobile phones could significantly impact the mobile industry, promoting innovation, competition, and better connectivity. This development also presents an opportunity for the GSMA to integrate new technologies into its framework, fostering a more inclusive and advanced global communication network, or for the GSMA to be challenged … Read more

Gig Economy in Europe May Change

The European Union’s recent decision to bolster gig worker rights marks a significant shift in the legal landscape for companies like Glovo, Deliveroo, Uber, and Bolt. This change, after extensive discussions, introduces a new directive aimed at ensuring better labor and social rights protections for gig workers, who have often been classified as self-employed. Key … Read more

Andy’s Guide to Anker Chargers and Power Banks for the Global Traveler

I’m back traveling the globe and staying connected has always been crucial to my travel life. While I can use power plug converters to plug in locally with Apple’s supplied charging products, I’m finding that the size and weight of those Apple power adapters are too burdensome for the travel plu converters. Moreover, hotels often … Read more

Redundancy In Action: Staying Connected With Dual Devices

In today’s interconnected world, the importance of staying connected cannot be overstated, particularly for professionals whose work spans the globe. A prime example of strategic connectivity that i like to deploy is using a set of dual devices – specifically, the iPhone 15 Pro and the Google Pixel 7 Pro – on different mobile networks … Read more

AI-Powered Tech Company Helps Grocers Start Afresh in Supply Chain Management

NVidia’s blog tells us about Afresh, an AI startup that helps grocery stores and retailers reduce food waste by making their supply chains more efficient. The company uses machine learning and AI models to optimize ordering and inventory management, considering factors like time to decay and demand fluctuation for fresh produce. This helps grocers make … Read more

Why 19 Crimes is So Hot

19 Crimes has reinvented wine marketing by engaging younger, non-traditional wine consumers with its rebellious branding, sponsoring unconventional events, and avoiding traditional wine marketing channels. The brand prioritizes rule-breaking and creative strategies over traditional marketing, which has led to significant growth and expansion into various international markets. Today, the Drum, a must read site for … Read more

Use AI to Make Your Own Playlist Art on YouTube Music

YouTube Music has introduced a new feature to make it more personal by allowing users to create custom cover art for their playlists using artificial intelligence (AI). With this new feature, users can choose from different categories like animals, food, nature, and more, and the AI will generate unique artwork based on their selection. This … Read more

DALL·E 3 is now available in ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise

OpenAI has released DALL·E 3, an advanced image model, in its ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise services. This allows users to describe their vision in a conversation and have ChatGPT generate a selection of visual images that they can refine and iterate upon. DALL·E 3 is an improved version of its predecessor, capable of generating visually … Read more

Latest Adobe Updates Accelerated by NVIDIA GPUs Improve Workflows for Creatives

Adobe has released new updates to its popular creative apps, such as Photoshop and Premiere Pro, that leverage generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology. These updates, powered by NVIDIA GPUs, enhance the workflow for creatives by providing faster processing and new AI-driven features. For example, video editors can improve dialogue quality with the Enhance Speech function … Read more