Wired On VoIP

Xeni Jardin in Wired Magazine’s, January 2004 edition provides a very entry level review of some of the Voice Over IP Services that are out there but leaves out some of the players and totally excludes how to get the Voice onto the Internet. By lumping Vonage, Sipphone, Skype and Free World DialUp together and … Read more

Softphones and Handsets

I’ve been playing with the softphones that are out there with the carriers I’m currently subscribed to. Overall, the easiest to use are from Vonage. Delta Three’s iConnectHere service or Jeff Pulver’s Free World Dial Up’s customized softphone client, X-Ten Light. All that said, the X-Ten Pro softphone may provide the most functionality of all. … Read more

New Vonage Services In Test

It seems Vonage is quietly developing some newer technology that enables third party development of tools to make their service even more useful, according to the BroadbandReports.com web site. While we’ve yet to validate the service, it sure sounds like their development group is trying to stay ahead of the competition. New players are about … Read more


After looking at the blogs out there I decided that it’s time to start one on Voice Over IP and share my views on the a subject that will be hotly discussed in 2004 and beyond. When I’m not writing and posting to this BLOG, I’m also covering Voice Over IP at KenRadio on the … Read more