Amazon Employs AI for Smoother Holiday Shopping and Speedier Deliveries

Amazon is using artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the customer experience and speed up deliveries, especially during the busy holiday season. Amazon employs AI in various aspects of its business, such as predicting product demand, optimizing inventory management, utilizing robots in fulfillment centers for efficient handling and sorting of packages, and optimizing delivery routes using … Read more

Prompt Engineering is One Of The Top Career Choice Right Now

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming industries and creating new career paths. Prompt engineering is one of the top career choices right now. Prompt engineering is an emerging profession in artificial intelligence (AI). It involves crafting text-based prompts for AI systems to ensure they provide accurate and relevant responses. This job requires a … Read more

How To Use Chat GPT for Transcription

To transcribe audio recordings using ChatGPT, you can leverage the Speech-to-Text function powered by OpenAI’s Whisper API. This feature allows you to convert audio files into written text in over 50 languages, making it a versatile tool for various applications. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to transcribe audio recordings using ChatGPT: Following these steps … Read more

Transforming the Future of Music Creation

The speed in which AI is transforming the music industry is game changing. How artists and producers embrace it, will shape the sounds of generations to come as today Google DeepMind has announced its most advanced AI music generation model called Lyria, as well as two AI experiments in collaboration with YouTube. Lyria is capable … Read more

Empowering the next generation for an AI-enabled world

Google DeepMind and the Raspberry Pi Foundation are expanding access to their Experience AI program, which aims to teach young students about artificial intelligence (AI). The program provides educators with lesson materials and activities to teach 11-14-year-olds about AI responsibly and interactively. Since its launch, Experience AI has reached over 200,000 students worldwide, and now … Read more

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Open AI Developer Day

OpenAI has announced new models and developer products at their DevDay event. They introduced GPT-4 Turbo with a 128K context, lower prices, and improved performance, as well as the Assistants API for developers to build their own AI apps with specific goals. They also added new capabilities to the platform, including vision and image creation … Read more

Here Comes The GPTs

OpenAI has introduced a new feature called GPTs, which allows users to create custom versions of its ChatGPT model for specific purposes. GPTs can be tailored to help with tasks such as learning board game rules, teaching math, or designing stickers. Anyone can create their own GPT without coding and share it with others, either … Read more

UK Tech Festival Showcases Startups Using AI for Creative Industries

Nine startups showcased their innovations at the Bristol Technology Festival in the UK after participating in a challenge hosted by Digital Catapult and NVIDIA. These startups were given funds to develop projects that use generative AI, digital twins, and other groundbreaking technologies for use in creative industries. Some of the showcased projects included Lux Aeterna’s … Read more

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