DeviceScape Scores Big With Nokia

I’ve had the good fortune to have DeviceScape on one of my panels and to get to know the company rather well thanks to their bubbly and outgoing Marketing lead Beth Rogozinski. They will be returning to a panel I’m moderating at MuniWireless later this month, so the news about their relationshp with Blogger Relations … Read more

Printing To Go

HP is introducing a new service called Cloudprint that makes printing documents very easy using a combination of cell phone SMS technology and web based file storage. What I like about this is the fact that document printing becomes portable and using locations such as Kinkos or UPS Stores the ability to do more than … Read more

Wireless Travels

While this post has nothing to do with VoIP, it does have everything to do with mobility, as in my mind, the two are interrelated. Yesterday morning, I boarded an AMTRAK train north to Santa Barbara from suburban San Diego’s Solana Beach station. The journey, about five hours, is no more in time than driving … Read more

Blogging On The Go

I’ve always wanted to be able to update my blog while I’m on the move. It seems with TypePad, I can now do that. Andy