Reports Keep Swirling Around Level3

Reports keep swirling around that Level3 is making a major push with the cable companies and that many network type executives from both Cox and Comcast have been seen huddling and checking out Level3’s new offerings. If you recall, Level3 was the big player in the dial up to get on the Internet for years … Read more

Telecom Wizard of Oz Wants To Regulate VoIP

The interim chairman of the Australian Communications Authority (ACA) wants to regulate VoIP. But, not until Mid-2005. The main issues include many of the same concerns that USA based regulators are considering, quality of service, call location, and privacy as well as carrier guidelines such as what will happen in the event of a power … Read more

Skype To Offer More

Skype’s founders announced yesterday in Toronto at the VON that they will have two flavors of SKYPE this August. Skype Plus will offer an area code chosen by the user and voice mail. SKYPE OUT will let you call to PSTN or other VoIP phones with a normal phone number. SKYPE is sounding more like … Read more

IBM & Cisco Make The Care

No one ever gets fired for buying IBM or Cisco is an axiom that makes the rounds when smaller less established companies decide to use the either of the two giants. So decisions will now only be easier, and likely more expensive, as the two venerable companies join together to go after the corporate enterprise … Read more

911 and VoIP

Business Week has a story about some of the pitfalls facing VoIP users when it comes to 911 Emergency services. While the issue today is a big deal, I don’t see that it will remain over time as much of a problem. First, if the FCC wants to get into the regulation of VoIP it … Read more

Level 3 Forms Another Alliance Program

Level3 has announced its VoIP Technology Alliance Program. For Level3 this is nothing new. For years they have had programs which vendors who have products or services that want the benefit of knowing they can work with Level3’s network and infrastructure its a benefit. For Level3 they get advanced look at whats under the hood … Read more

VoiceGlo Gets Retail Partner

VoiceGlo, another player in the VoIP space has made what could be a bright move in going after wireless retailers. Think about it. Mobile phone users are more likely to want to know about alternatives to landline telephony from the telcos. The big problem is the sales forces at retailers of mobile phone stores. Most … Read more

The Sleeping Giant?

Business Week Online (registration required) has a very detailed account on the possibility of Microsoft becoming a telephony powerhouse. I’ve already played with a hacked version of Windows Messenger 4.7 and Webley Systems voice over IP capabilities for over a year, and while the product is not yet in commercial release, the capabilities of always … Read more

Skype on Your PDA

I don’t spend enough time writing about SKYPE, what I call the ICQ for VoIP. has a good summary of what having SKYPE on a PDA can mean. I’ve played with other VoIP clients on my HP iPaq and, even with the 400 mhz processor, the voice quality still is lacking. Until more powerful … Read more