911 and VoIP

Business Week has a story about some of the pitfalls facing VoIP users when it comes to 911 Emergency services. While the issue today is a big deal, I don’t see that it will remain over time as much of a problem. First, if the FCC wants to get into the regulation of VoIP it … Read more

Level 3 Forms Another Alliance Program

Level3 has announced its VoIP Technology Alliance Program. For Level3 this is nothing new. For years they have had programs which vendors who have products or services that want the benefit of knowing they can work with Level3’s network and infrastructure its a benefit. For Level3 they get advanced look at whats under the hood … Read more

VoiceGlo Gets Retail Partner

VoiceGlo, another player in the VoIP space has made what could be a bright move in going after wireless retailers. Think about it. Mobile phone users are more likely to want to know about alternatives to landline telephony from the telcos. The big problem is the sales forces at retailers of mobile phone stores. Most … Read more

The Sleeping Giant?

Business Week Online (registration required) has a very detailed account on the possibility of Microsoft becoming a telephony powerhouse. I’ve already played with a hacked version of Windows Messenger 4.7 and Webley Systems voice over IP capabilities for over a year, and while the product is not yet in commercial release, the capabilities of always … Read more

Skype on Your PDA

I don’t spend enough time writing about SKYPE, what I call the ICQ for VoIP. Muniwireless.com has a good summary of what having SKYPE on a PDA can mean. I’ve played with other VoIP clients on my HP iPaq and, even with the 400 mhz processor, the voice quality still is lacking. Until more powerful … Read more

Good Fortune

Fortune Technology Editor Daniel Roth has really captured the essence of SKYPE in a recent article that ran late in January. While you may need to register or be a Fortune subscriber, the general thought I have is that there is much more to SKYPE than a free voice chat coming. What we don’t know … Read more

Firefly Gets Buzzing

I actually have held off on writing about Firefly despite having had an account and actually tried it when I first started this blog back in December. The reason I held off is I have been pretty much focusing on SIP as the protocol that I’ve been covering. Rather than being accused of being narrow … Read more

Conferencing The Next Frontier

Audio (and video) conferencing will get a huge shot in the arm with VoIP. Earlier in the week Raindance and Level3 made nice and annouced a VoIP based conferencing system. Now, it seems a UK company with expertise is jumping in. Like most conferencing, this one uses an ASP model, and is marketed through the … Read more

NetTaps For VoIP

Well, you could have seen this coming. The Justice Department and the FBI are now moving aggressively on the ability to tap VoIP calls. While some will consider this an invasion of privacy, it is all about Homeland Security and criminal investigation. Basically, the average person, who is not breaking any laws has nothing to … Read more