Why Didn’t AOL/TW go This Way

Skype, which is in the news with their carrier deals, has quietly announced a new version which fixes some bugs and adds some new features like file transfer, file uploading and more. As I read this, one has to really question the genius management at AOL/Time Warner a few years back. They basically could have … Read more

Verizon Follows AT&T

Verizon, which for years has tried to be what AT&T already is, keeps playing the game of follow the leader. Much like Microsoft, the east coast telecom giant always seems to be content with being number two then work their way to be number one via marketing clout. This time, it’s with VoIP as they … Read more

Want To Do VoIP in France

Seems the leading provider of Internet service to homes and business in France, Wanadoo would rather have you switch, than fight with the telephone company. They offering an all in one Phone, IP Router and Wireless access point later in the year. Expect to see that from USA carriers at about the same time. Reports … Read more

Saying Thanks !

I need to beg your indulgence for it’s time to say thanks to my mentors in life. Without the five people who influenced me most along the way, and helped form the six cannons of dealing with the media that have been able to get me quoted again in the media (something that always happened … Read more

New PocketPC Client Out

Talking Technologies has released a SIP and h.323 compatible client for the PocketPC 2003 platform. I still think until the manufacturers upgrade the mics on those devices, it will be garbage in, garbage out no matter how much is added to the software.

Skype Goes To Taiwan

Skype has struck a deal with Taiwan’s fourth (4th) largest telephone company for a new product called PC-Home Skype. If this is a shape of things to come, then Skype will be striking more of these types of relationships. What this means is carriers who are looking to gain market share will be looking to … Read more

VoIP Store Opens

Someone wants to be a VoIP retailer. Good idea, but they will likely sell more over the web. Having a retail presence if done right, will go a long way to educate. I wonder how the manufacturers, who have never had a retail experience will react. This is great for Cisco via Linksys, D-Link and … Read more