Retailers-Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Image via Wikipedia I'll admit, that I love to go to Starbucks as my "get away" from the home office office.  Meeting are easy to arrange at their locations, as most people in the technology world know where one is. So of late, after returning from my exhaustive 6 week European business trip and mini-vacation, … Read more

Is GetSatisfaction’s SXSW Blues A Ripoff Of Winemaker Randall Graham’s Marketing Idea

Image via Wikipedia Is's SXSW HomeSick Blues remake/remodel of the Bob Dylan "Homesick Blues" true creative parody or is it a royal ripoff of long time wine maker Randall Grahm's "Sub-terroir Rhonesick Blues" marketing video? Grahm, who I have casually known via wine events and mutual friends since 1989 totally punked the wine reviewer world, taking pots shots … Read more

Wi-Fi and the Art of Working Where One Dines

Image via Wikipedia I'm a nomad, and I admit it. Put me on the road and I'll find what my heart lusts for. Wine, food and Wi-Fi. And the more time I spend in Europe, especially Spain, the more I find Wi-Fi in coffee shops, retaurants and gastro bars. And it's basically free. Sure, you … Read more

Trade Show Blur Begins on Wednesday

Image via Wikipedia We're heading into the annual trade show season, where events seem to come up and out of nowhere for some, and for others are part of the business of their business. For me the seasons starts with the AT&T Developer Summit which is just one day before CES, moves to IT Expo which includes … Read more