Google prepares Skype-killer phone service

From Netimperative – Google prepares Skype-killer phone service and this makes total sense. Read what they have to say and think why? Yahoo is heading in the same direction, but while Yahoo has Messenger, Google doesn’t have an IM client yet. Maybe they will work with someone like Pulver or Popular Telephony. Heck, maybe they will … Read more

Om and Andy In The Boulder Daily Camera

I’m always flattered when the press turns to me for a viewpoint, but I’m honored to be included in a story with Om. While Level3 has customers, the big question is how will they handle their enormous debt load. Even if VoIP revenues start to fly from the cable companies, which is now in question, … Read more

Never Lie To The Press, Starbucks!

Roughly two years ago or so I spoke with Starbucks VP, Anne Saunders, their Biz Dev wonderkind who put the hotspot deal together with T-Mobile after Mobilestar went under. During the interview I asked her about power outlets, saying “as you know WiFi draws down a battery faster than a normal PC.” Saunders replied saying … Read more

My Views On Customer Service In the USA

The State of  Customer Service In America Let me first start out by saying that I really didn’t want to write this, but do to a series of matters that have affected me and two of my closest and dearest friends I found myself honor bound to do so. As a member of the press, … Read more

AOL Is Cutting Everywhere – Update

AOL looks like they are getting ready to go up on the auction block to me. They are cutting out broadband, eliminating divisions (Shoutcast/WinAmp), and more. They are doing this while they are working on rolling out a VoIP product. Me thinks two things. First AOL wants to be the dominant dial up player in … Read more

Will Telcos Carry Sports has a story item about New York’s YES Network creating a broadband delivery model. I have for many years been saying that the telcos are the next cable tv network and if they want to deliver true content over DSL, that sports and movies will lead the way. Imagine VoIP and Sports, plus Sports … Read more