Show Me Your’s and I’ll Show You Mine

Last year Vonage was out in force at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). This year it seems the competition will be too. In a business where “I can do better than you” and a “can you top this” mentality rages, Packet8 Networks has fired a shot across the bow for all VoIP carriers to follow. … Read more

Will WiMax + VoIP Kill The Cricket?

We’re starting to see more stories about WiMax, a wider area wireless data network that is beginning to to take hold. Does this mean that wireless voice carriers (i.e. cellular companies) are going to have to rethink their strategies? With VoIP being SIP enabled, the prospect of VoIP over WiMax means a PDA can be … Read more

Vonage Looks Towards Green

It looks like Vonage is heading to Ireland and the UK. One of the hurdles they’ll run into in the UK is Ofcom, the UK’s version of the FCC. Their efforts to expand are a natural progression. I know of a few ex-pat’s who are using Vonage already in places like Australia, Israel and in … Read more

New York Times On VoIP

Well, for starters, the headline’s wrong in the January 5th New York Times story about Voice over IP. So, while the rest of the article presents some facts, it seems the big issue, and maybe the only issue that anyone comes up with as a reason not to go VoIP is 911 service. Funny, no … Read more

So What Will The Telcos Embrace?

It seems the story about how in love with Voice over IP is has become an everyday occurrence, and now even the industry publications are “selling” the story of “selling through” the service. So what does this mean to the telcos? That answer is easy…Video on Demand. I’ve been watching the YankeeNet and ESPN contract … Read more

Here Comes Cisco!

Cisco loves to play Monopoly. So while the Justice Department a few years back was going after Microsoft, I regularly said on the KenRadio World Technology RoundUp that the company Janet Reno and her team should have been studying and investigating was Cisco. The more I see, the more I read, and the more I … Read more

Pulver Is Write Again!

VoIP uber Evangelist, Jeff Pulver in his personal blog explained that Marketing will be the key effort that the carriers will need to put behind their efforts to convert customers to Voice over IP. Give Pulver credit for taking on the cause. His FreeWorldDialup which enables free calls to other FWD subscribers and as a … Read more

Where Vonage Is Heading

Ken Rutkowski, with whom I co-host the daily “World Technology RoundUp” on KenRadio pointed me to a story today in Nikkei Electronics Asia quoting Louis Holder of Vonage on the subject of E911. While basically rehashing what Vonage has been saying on this subject since it began offering a method to reach the emergency services … Read more

Tell US What We Already Know

Dennis Berman in the December 29th Wall Street Journal (subscription required) explains that the current VoIP offering from the USA based legacy carriers is really not much more than hype, as all the carriers are offering is dial tone and basic services over IP vs analog. Berman accurately points out that the carriers have only … Read more