BT Delivers More With VoIP

British Telecom (BT) has been actively pushing broadband for the past year. Now they are rolling out two VoIP based services at reasonable prices. They have realized that the advanced services market is what will stimulate the growth. What is so refreshing about this announcement is that just like was done with cell phones, they’re … Read more

The Real Growth Will Come From….

While everyone is looking at broadband as the key access route for VoIP, Probe Research points out that the real market is the fixed line market when the telcos integrate the technology at the local level.

Oh How Vulnerable VoIP Is

A report from Continuity Central shows how vulnerable VoIP really is, and poses how attacking it could be done. Using Cisco products as examples the report says that DoS attacks are easy, and whats more, tapping of calls and bringing down a network won’t be much harder.

Money, Money, Money

It must be the week of reports on VoIP or something because now Juniper Research has said that VoIP will be the leading revenue generator for broadband. DUH! The key is efficiency and utility. Telcos won’t have the advanced services available over copper lines, and the cost to operate VoIP platforms will provide greater margin … Read more

When Old World Thinking Just Won’t Apply

The FBI and other law enforcement organizations world wide have a made VoIP a huge concern, wanting to have the same ability to “wiretap” that they have with standard telephone service. While no one wants to stop them from having this ability, the Center for Democracy and Technology has issued a white paper on the … Read more

Skype Gets Touchy

First they raised more money, now Skype is getting touch with deals they are expected to announce at CEBIT in Germany this week, according to a CNET report. What this means is Skype will provide an alternative method of connecting to regular PSTN callers. By combining SKYPE with PSTN at the handset or headset level … Read more

Level 3 Goes Residential

Level3 is going residential. Later this month they will begin selling their high end network via ISP and Cable operators. It appears that their goal is to turn ISP and cable companies into resellers or private label the phone service and use the Level 3 network and infrastructure. There is no question they have the … Read more

VoIP and Europe

Analysis Reseach reports that VoIP in Europe will have more challenges than in the USA. The reasons are manyfold. First, mobile phone penetration in Europe, and its usage is much higher than in other countries, but the big factor is that broadband to the home is much lower. Given these two factors, companies like Vonage … Read more

Blogging On The Go

I’ve always wanted to be able to update my blog while I’m on the move. It seems with TypePad, I can now do that. Andy

AT&T’s CallVantage

AT&T expects to sign up a million VoIP customers for their CallVantage service. Vantage was/is the name of a cigarette brand. Do you think they want to smoke the competition. Given their pricing, they are less expensive for service than Vonage, and right now are, especially with the $19.99 a month for signing up now. … Read more