The Retailer is The New Ad Outlet

Online advertising is going through a sea of change. No question about it. When you read that Apple, Amazon and now retailers are all selling ads it’s really an example of history repeating itself once again.   For starters, retailers have always sold “advertising” but it was wrapped up as merchandising allowances, promotional spending, slotting … Read more

Writing Wine Reviews

  If you’re a fan of wine, you’ve probably read your fair share of wine reviews. And if you’re new to the world of wine, you might be wondering how to go about writing your own reviews. After all, what makes a good wine review?    The answer is that a good wine review is … Read more

Telecom Scammers Get Busted

In two parts of the world government authorities are getting tough on scammers and the operators who enable them. In the USA the FCC cut off a voice services provider for not enforcing STIR/SHAKEN regulations while in the UK, a combined Scotland Yard and Europol investigation led to the seizure of servers and the arrest … Read more

The Basics About CPaaS

Communications Platform as a Service, or CPaaS, is a cloud-based platform that enables developers to add real-time communications features, such as voice and video calling, messaging, and data sharing, into their applications. With CPaaS, businesses can quickly add new features and functionality like voice, video and texting, to their applications without having to build and … Read more

RingCentral Win is Cisco/Broadsoft Loss

A few days ago Charter Spectrum, the US’s second largest cable company, and RingCentral made an announcement of two new offerings – Spectrum Business Connect with RingCentral and Spectrum Enterprise Unified Communications with RingCentral.  On the face of it many would say, “oh, another RingCentral distribution deal,” as it’s not much different than when they did something similar … Read more

Remote Worker or Digital Nomad

The Difference Between Digital Nomads and Remote Workers Digital nomads and remote workers are often lumped together, but there are some key differences between the two groups. Both digital nomads and remote workers typically work from home, or from a coffee shop, or from anywhere they can get an internet connection. And while they share … Read more

8×8 In Play. Or Are They?

Yesterday the news broke that telecom company, 8×8, the company previously known as Packet 8, was in talks to be bought by a “strategic buyer.” That of course led to other reports about the possible sale. Looking at this from years of being involved in VoIP and having previously represented them, 8×8 could be seen as an … Read more

The Numbers Game

It’s a numbers game. Cable companies and mobile operators are losing subscribers and playing games to minimize the impact.  When I was a Comcast Xfinity customer, and my internet access costs were going to increase, I was offered cable tv for free. I didn’t want cable tv, as I have YouTube TV, but to lower … Read more

Trends in Digital Nomad Travel

I’ve been a global nomad and remote worker since my first job, in 1974 when I was 14 and working as the Public Relations Assistant for the Philadelphia Wings pro lacrosse team. Yes, almost 50 years of working wherever I could get my work done. Back then it was a phone line, a reporter’s notebook, … Read more

A Perfect T (mobile)

Sue Marek at Fierce Wireless wrote a really nice piece on what’s happening with T-Mobile here in the USA. As a T-Mobile customer for many, many years, as well as someone who has roamed on it with Google Fi and Truphone, and used the no cost T-Mobile global 5G roaming recently, Sue’s reporting is as thought … Read more