More Thoughts on 8×8’s Free Video Meetings

The other day, long time gadget blogger, and VoIP fan, Jason Harris of Techcraver and I had a call using the new 8×8 Free Meetings app. At first blush it reminded me of many other WebRTC based video calling services. But the more I look under the hood, the more I am seeing how disruptive … Read more

Dialpad–Life For Old iPads

  Like many of us, I have an iPad Air2 and an iPad Mini in storage. My current iPad is the 9.7 inch iPad Pro, with the keyboard and I find that in many situations I can do most of what I do on my MacBook with it, especially while traveling or sipping an espresso at … Read more

Miami Calling—Hello Startup Camp and IT Expo

Image via CrunchBase Tomorrow I say "cheerio" to London for the second time this year. And for the second time this year I'm not leaving London for home, but for an industry conference. In my mind the new year hasn't really started as I've only been home for five nights in my own bed before … Read more