Want to Tango? Say Hello to the EVNO

We've all heard of the MVNO, the acronym for a mobile virtual network operator. They took a while to take off, and have had their ups and downs all over the globe. In some markets they have done well, in others not so well, and in the end, any have either shut down or simply … Read more

Incompatabilities In The New Battleground in Telephony-Broadsoft vs. Cisco/Apple

Yesterday I wrote about Verizon's OneTalk, and the very pithy press release put out by Broadsoft to support the move into MUCaaS (mobile unified communications as a service.) After I posted it I did a bit more digging around and realized that Verizon Wireless' sales team is going to have a battle on their hands … Read more

Finding Your Way With WebRTC

Pal Dean Bubley gets it. So do a few others. But sadly not everyone does. The "what" is WebRTC and the who are the telcos. Read Dean’s post and get a great lay of the land. Last week at WebRTC World in Atlanta a lot of companies demo’d something’s new, somethings derivative and other concepts and … Read more

The Comunicano Daily for Tuesday May 20, 2014

    The Comunicano Daily       There's all kinds of news coming out in all sorts of sectors as the USA warms up for a three day Memorial Day Weekend the our cousins in the UK do the same with a Bank Holiday this weekend. Clearly Apple is in the middle of a make over … Read more

The Future of Telecom Is Next Week In Bangkok

Bangkok may be one of the last places you would think is where the future of telecommunications would be happening, as it's not exactly where one thinks of as a tech hot bed. But the 2013 ITU Telecom World is there, and that's where the newly minted TADS Summit will also be held. While the … Read more

The Stories to Read About VoIP, Video and Collaboration

You may not be old enough to remember the movie "The British Are Coming," but longtime client Truphone has established an office in Raleigh-Durham's Research Triangle Park, with mobile and technology sales champion Gary Cohen at the helm, reports the Raleigh-Durham NewsObserver's Gloria Lloyd, WRAL TechWire's Rick Smith with two posts in a week and the Triangle … Read more