The Comunicano for Friday February 17 2017

  Last night I dined out using Feastly for the first time. It was the way to book seats at a “pop up” dinners across the USA. The dinner was the debut of former Herringbone LA chef Jason Witzl, who is in the process of opening up his own Cal-Ital place, Ellie’s, in DTLA. Not … Read more

The Comunicano Daily for Thursday July 9th 2015

        The Comunicano Daily       Business Rockstar host Ken Rutkowski dubbed Comunicano's Senior Strategist, Bill Ryan, "The Master of the Message" and I often refer to Bill as "Senor Story" as Bill has refined the art of the story with his 20 plus year deployment of "The Architecture of Identity" to a razor sharp focus around … Read more

        The Comunicano Daily       Acquisitions and investments are in the news more and more, demonstratiing that tech companies are a hot item again. Today Spotify moved closer to out Pandoraing Pandora with the purchase of MIT bred The EchoNest. The official release is below, and the story is out everywhere….ON … Read more