The Comunicano for Wednesday February 15 2017

    FEBRUARY 15 – ISSUE #23 HUMPDAY…….and there’s tons of NEW and that makes NEWSsurrounding new services releases that are making the rounds today from the likes of Facebook, Signal, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. They all have decided to unleash new “stuff” that changes the way we consume, communicate, create and deliver information today, and after … Read more

The Comunicano Daily for Thursday December 17, 2014

        The Comunicano Daily       Changes. Lots and lots of changes in mobile. T-Mobile rolls a stash of data. Doctors make video house calls. Sprint drops their sponsorship of Nascar. Those stories and more are all just below…So now onto the news..         T-Mobile Allows Subscribers to Hold … Read more

The Comunicano Daily for Tuesday May 20, 2014

    The Comunicano Daily       There's all kinds of news coming out in all sorts of sectors as the USA warms up for a three day Memorial Day Weekend the our cousins in the UK do the same with a Bank Holiday this weekend. Clearly Apple is in the middle of a make over … Read more

See Today What An iPhone Will be On Sprint’s Network-No Hacking Required

Image via CrunchBase If you ever wondered what the iPhone would be like on Sprint's 3G network, the opportunity has been there all along and you don't have to try to hack one that was designed to work on Verizon Wireless' network either. About a year ago ZTE, the Chinese supplier of dongles, data cards … Read more

Commentary-So What Happens to Clearwire

Image via CrunchBase Late yesterday (Wednesday August 3) Om Malik at GigaOm wrote a post entitled "So What Happens to ClearWire's WiMax Network?" Well over a lovely pasta dinner tonight (see my Nosh of it on my page over on Google Voice founder Craig Walker's new venture i got to chomp on Om's post as … Read more

Sprint To Mix It Up With The FCC Over Texting

Image via Wikipedia Sprint is about to get into a battle with the FCC and the MICC over texting, or rather what can be texted. The MICC, which stands for Mobile Internet Content Coalition, has alleged that what Sprint is about to do on April 1st is "to restrict the content that consumers can receive in … Read more