The Comunicano for Wednesday February 15 2017

    FEBRUARY 15 – ISSUE #23 HUMPDAY…….and there’s tons of NEW and that makes NEWSsurrounding new services releases that are making the rounds today from the likes of Facebook, Signal, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. They all have decided to unleash new “stuff” that changes the way we consume, communicate, create and deliver information today, and after … Read more

The Comunicano for Friday February 3 2017

      FEBRUARY 3 – ISSUE #15 The big news, especially here in the Southland, is SNAP and their 3 billion dollar IPO. There’s lots of coverage on it, with some deep insight from the Wall Street Journal’s Joanna Stern and the Business Insider as well as the L.A. Times. The stories around the … Read more

Incompatabilities In The New Battleground in Telephony-Broadsoft vs. Cisco/Apple

Yesterday I wrote about Verizon's OneTalk, and the very pithy press release put out by Broadsoft to support the move into MUCaaS (mobile unified communications as a service.) After I posted it I did a bit more digging around and realized that Verizon Wireless' sales team is going to have a battle on their hands … Read more

The Comunicano Daily for July 28th, 2015

          The Comunicano Daily       My co-founder, along with Josh Baylin, in VelocityGrowth, Jeff Belk was one of the key executives who put Qualcomm on the map. There Jeff, who rose to CMO and CSO, instilled a marketing culture amongst a group of inventors, IP attorneys and engineers. Jeff retired from … Read more

OnSip Reports That Verizon Wireless Is Blocking SIP

Verizon Wireless (VZW) has been reportedly blocking SIP traffic on the LTE network according to the folks at OnSip. While the revelation is news to some, it is not to me. I've been calling and asking the Verizon Wireless about it since they launched their LTE network and I discovered I couldn't make a SIP … Read more

Verizon (VZW) Wireless Firmly Commits to VoLTE is BYOC Far Behind?

Image via CrunchBase Verizon has become the second USA carrier to really get behind VoLTE as the way voice will be handled on their LTE network following the early lead moves taken by MetroPCS long before they were acquired by T-Mobile earlier this year, reports GigaOm's Kevin Fitchard. As usually, AT&T would rather someone else … Read more

Say Goodbye to DSL, Hello to LTE

It's no surprise that DSL installations are on going the way of the dinosaur from the USA's larger telcos as that news is over a year old. But the reason is LTE is cheaper for the operators to install, and there are no wires to maintain. Today's formal launch of HomeFusion by Verizon Wireless, while … Read more