More Thoughts on 8×8’s Free Video Meetings

The other day, long time gadget blogger, and VoIP fan, Jason Harris of Techcraver and I had a call using the new 8×8 Free Meetings app. At first blush it reminded me of many other WebRTC based video calling services. But the more I look under the hood, the more I am seeing how disruptive … Read more

Video Conferencing Apps and Services Rated and Ranked

PC World has taken a look at 2012's top video conferencing services that are both app and cloud oriented in their most recent issue. Back in the day, SightSpeed, now owned by Logitech, used to win this award, but it seems Logitech has stopped pursuing accolades for the once dominant service. (Note my agency, Comunicano, … Read more

Eight Morning Thoughts About Less VoIP Brands, More Services, Etc.

Over the next few years I think we'll begin to see the following: 1. Brand erosion in VoIP-Less brands selling to business, consumers 2. Greater consolidation-It's already started with Smoothstone and M5 getting purchased 3. More services from bigger suppliers-Companies like SalesForce, CA, SAP, Oracle will begin pushing out more services that support VoIP providers, … Read more