The Future of Video Conferencing: Navigating the New Normal and Beyond

The pandemic has reshaped the way we work, communicate, and collaborate. As we transition into a post-pandemic era, the rise of remote work, hybrid workplaces, and the broader use of WiFi 6 and 5G technology are setting the stage for a new era in video conferencing. That makes these nearer term technology adoptees all poised … Read more

More Thoughts on 8×8’s Free Video Meetings

The other day, long time gadget blogger, and VoIP fan, Jason Harris of Techcraver and I had a call using the new 8×8 Free Meetings app. At first blush it reminded me of many other WebRTC based video calling services. But the more I look under the hood, the more I am seeing how disruptive … Read more

Skype’s Days Are Numbered Take 2

I continue to feel Skype's days are numbered. All one has to do is look at history. AIM (AOL's Instant Messenger) and ICQ were once the kings of Instant Messaging (IM). And while they are still around, the best way of describing them, along with Yahoo! Messenger, is to say they are on life support. … Read more

The Comunicano Daily for Friday September 5, 2014

        The Comunicano Daily       A late summer cold hit me out of nowhere, and I likely got it at the gym is my best guess. I'm in the gym 3 to 4 days a week now and feeling good. Having Wi-Fi at the club makes it less stressful and … Read more

Are Skype’s Days Numbered?

Every day I see Yet Another WebRTC based service come to life. Today its "ROOM" which has a very simple beta list signup going on where if you tweet their existence you get immediate access to the beta. Services like Slack, Hall, HipChat, Vobi and many others are offering what I'm calling Skype Takeaway Service (STS) often for free, often even richer in experience … Read more

Finding Your Way With WebRTC

Pal Dean Bubley gets it. So do a few others. But sadly not everyone does. The "what" is WebRTC and the who are the telcos. Read Dean’s post and get a great lay of the land. Last week at WebRTC World in Atlanta a lot of companies demo’d something’s new, somethings derivative and other concepts and … Read more

Is The ChromeBook Your Next Desk Phone?

Is the Google ChromeBook about to become your new communications device? Is your slightly older Mac or Windows PC that can run the latest Chrome Browser able to step in and be the new desk phone? What about the Android tablet which runs Chrome and WebRTC rather well these days? While some are predicting the … Read more

Conference Calling Apps and Services Update

With Enterprise Connect a thing of the past, and more attention being paid on Video Conferencing these days than audio conference calls, I thought it would be a good time to take a look at what’s been happening of late with the more widely used mode of communications. At the core of all the new … Read more

Conferences and Trade Shows-Which Are You Attending?

GSMA Mobile. WorldCongress (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Now that Enterprise Connect is behind us, the eyes turn to the upcoming WebRTC World conference in Atlanta in June. Two months later we have TMC’s IT Expo in Las Vegas that has an Enterprise WebRTC track co-located and then there's Super Mobility Week put on by CTIA in September. Three big events, in only four months. … Read more

Voice and UC State of Security Report 2013 Released

I just flipped through the very well presented State of Security Report on the subject of Voice and Unified Communications that SecureLogix has released You can sign up to download the report here. Overall I like what I read but I did wonder why only ONE reference to WebRTC included? And, what was there was … Read more