The COMUNICANO for Thursday February 23 2017

    FEBRUARY 23 – ISSUE #29     Getting Quoted…and getting quoted regularly are two different things. So far this year I’ve been quoted three times. Last year over 40. Like the number of exits Comunicano has been involved in, now 42, this isn’t luck, chance or accidental. It’s all about having insight, perspective … Read more

The Comunicano Daily for Tuesday July 21st, 2015

        The Comunicano Daily       The rain and humidity in San Diego wasn't the only thing causing the locals to be irritable. Employment giant, sponsor of the football stadium and pretty much the heart of the county's economy, Qualcomm announced there are going to be changes. I am not surprised as … Read more

OnSip Reports That Verizon Wireless Is Blocking SIP

Verizon Wireless (VZW) has been reportedly blocking SIP traffic on the LTE network according to the folks at OnSip. While the revelation is news to some, it is not to me. I've been calling and asking the Verizon Wireless about it since they launched their LTE network and I discovered I couldn't make a SIP … Read more

AT&T Taps Boingo For Global Wi-Fi Roaming

First AT&T cut a data GSM deal with Jasper Wireless. Last week AT&T's Kris Rinne talked about AT&T shouldn't be called a dumb pipe and discussed how the new Ma Bell will do more to lower rates internationally. Today, AT&T tapped Boingo to start to put a dent in coverage holes and give their customers access … Read more

Why Free Wi-Fi Doesn’t Work

Today, CIO Journal has a story on public Wi-Fi and how customers are clogging the networks at Panera, someting that's nothing new to me. And I'm taking a bite out of it. Back in the day when public hotspots were just starting out, only a few of us were even using public Wi-Fi, and locations were … Read more

Do You Play Cell Phone Roulette?

Image via Wikipedia Welcome back my friends to the game that never ends. It’s the game that chills your soul, curves your spine and bends your mind. It’s called “Cell Phone Roulette” and your odds of winning are never in your hands, despite what you are holding. It’s the game we play each and every … Read more

Skype Still P2P at Heart

Skype has done a very good job of making people forget their technology was/is based on P2P technology and all that it can do. But Wireless Move's Martin Sauter didn't let us forget. As a Skype customer who PAYS for multiple services from them (Skype In, Out, Group Video, minutes) I'd like the ability to … Read more

Dean Bubley-The Predictor

Pal Dean Bubley is one of the more pragmatic analysts out there in the wireless world and today he posts his predictions, winners and losers for 2012. If you look at it and read through it you'll find a tone of frustration, dismay and depression, none his own, but of the industry. With so much "advancement" … Read more

Refund Time? When Will That LTE Upgrade Come To the Xoom for Real

Image via Wikipedia Let's face it. In the era of the Internet, a promise is a promise, unless of course it comes from your telco carrier. Back in the winter months Verizon Wireless let all Zoom owners and potential buyers know that their state of the art Android tablet, made by Motorola would be upgradeable … Read more

Rogers Adds Wi-Fi Calling For Business

Being at CTIA I was looking for a story that was overlooked by yours truely last week. Well pal Jon Arnold tells us that Canadian cable and mobile phone leader Rogers has launched a Wi-Fi calling service aimed at business, aptly named Wi-Fi Calling for Business. Basically, its the same UMA based solution that T-Mobile … Read more