Telecom Scammers Get Busted

Screenshot 11-24-2022 at 08.24 AM

In two parts of the world government authorities are getting tough on scammers and the operators who enable them. In the USA the FCC cut off a voice services provider for not enforcing STIR/SHAKEN regulations while in the UK, a combined Scotland Yard and Europol investigation led to the seizure of servers and the arrest of many who operated and maintained iSpoof, a service that scammers paid to use to reportedly defraud consumers.

My view is that authorities are teaming up internationally to eradicate more than just robocalling. The ease of which calls can be made internationally, and how quickly services can be established in the cloud, moved from server to server, numbers changed, impacts the entire telecom industry. Fraudsters pay their bills only for as long as they need to start to make their money, then they move on to other providers, who in turn eat the losses. But in reality those unpaid bills end up costing the legitimate customers money, as their costs are artificially inflated to cover the loses.

While the efforts to stop the fraudsters is needed, at the end of the day, the bad actors will simply move elsewhere and continue to take from those who simply get scammed.

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