Wake up and Smell the Coffee

If you like coffee, like I like coffee, then this story about the best coffee shops in the world in Luxury Columnist is just up your alley. Coffee shops are not just places for espresso and cappuccino anymore. Around the world, coffee shops have become a beacon of hope, relaxation and culture.

Each one has its own character, from farmers’ markets in South America to Japanese-style cafes flooded with sunlight in Tokyo. With each sip of coffee that you take from any given shop, you get an experience so distinctive it feels like you’ve been transported across cultures and eras without ever having to leave your seat. For some it may simply be about a great cup of java accompanied by pleasant conversation and a nice atmosphere, but if you look closer into the history and culture of the community around each establishment, you’ll find so much more brought through those familiar doors.

For years, coffee shops have been the meeting grounds of everyday people. The rich. The middle class. Students. Writers. Workers. The coffee shop has been a meeting place for many. So if you want something more than Starbucks, Costa or some other large chain, read the article, while sitting back and smelling the coffee.

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