21 nonprofits join Google’s first generative AI accelerator

As a board member for a series of Non-Profit organizations, I was excited to read about how Google.org has launched its first generative AI accelerator program, supporting 21 nonprofits focused on various social impact areas like climate, health, education, and crisis response. These organizations will receive mentorship, technical training, and funding to develop high-impact applications of … Read more

Time for Some Album Art

I go back to the days of Hipgnosis, creators of some of the most amazing album covers ever. So, when I read the article “35 Best Midjourney Prompts for Album Covers” on Great Prompts, I couldn’t help but wonder what their team of artists could be doing in the new era of generative AI. The … Read more

The Never-Ending Battle for AI Dominance: A Look at the Feature Battle Between Tech Giants

In the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence (AI), it seems like every week brings news of a new breakthrough or innovation from companies like OpenAI, Google, Meta, and others. These announcements often revolve around introducing new features or capabilities, reminiscent of the fierce battles witnessed between tech giants. In looking at this never-ending ongoing … Read more

Google Shifting in the AI Era

Google is developing a powerful AI chatbot called Gemini as an alternative to traditional search engines. Previously known as Bard, Gemini is designed to understand text, voice, images, and more, making it a more interactive and versatile way to access information. Right now, Gemini is being tested in various formats, including a mobile app. It … Read more

AI in Business Transformation

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become one of the most transformative technologies in recent years, revolutionizing various industries, including healthcare, finance, and transportation. It has the potential to create significant business value and drive innovation. To get started, let’s look at some basics. AI can best be defined as the simulation of human intelligence in machines … Read more

Chrome Gets 3 New Generative AI Features

Google Chrome is introducing three new generative AI features to make browsing easier and more personalized. These features are all aimed at making browsing the internet easier and more fun. The first feature is Tab Organizer, which automatically suggests and creates tab groups based on your open tabs. This helps you manage multiple tasks more … Read more

Another use case for how AI is changing our world, and one that seems really practical, has come to light. Google Photos has introduced a feature called Best Take that helps improve group photos. After taking a series of pictures, users can select the Best Take feature in Google Photos, which automatically creates the best … Read more

Microsoft Launches Bing AI Image Creator 3D for Instagram

Microsoft has launched a new feature called Bing AI Image Creator 3D for Instagram. This feature allows users to turn text into visually appealing 3D images that can be shared on Instagram. It simplifies the process of image creation, offering customization options for size, style, and camera angle. Users can easily create unique and engaging … Read more

Victoria’s Secret & Co. is using AI to make shopping more personalized and inclusive

Just before the National Retail Federation conference and trade show in New York City, Victoria’s Secret told the world it is working with Google Cloud to use artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the online shopping experience. The retail lingerie chain is exploring the use of AI in several ways, including creating a virtual assistant powered … Read more