Want to Tango? Say Hello to the EVNO

We've all heard of the MVNO, the acronym for a mobile virtual network operator. They took a while to take off, and have had their ups and downs all over the globe. In some markets they have done well, in others not so well, and in the end, any have either shut down or simply … Read more

James Tagg Leaves Truphone

After over 15 years, and ten years since it's formal launch on Nokia N series phones, founder James Tagg has left Truphone reports Telecompaper.   The departure, long in the planning, will allow the inventive founder to focus on new technologies. Tagg, who also invented the video touchscreen, came up with the idea of Truphone due … Read more

The Comunicano Daily for Thursday September 11, 2014

        The Comunicano Daily       Lots of interesting news on the front of innovation or maybe best described as "its time has come" today and reflects upon how much we at Comunicano have been in the thick of this over the past ten years.  Wi-Fi calling and in flight texting … Read more

Finding Your Way With WebRTC

Pal Dean Bubley gets it. So do a few others. But sadly not everyone does. The "what" is WebRTC and the who are the telcos. Read Dean’s post and get a great lay of the land. Last week at WebRTC World in Atlanta a lot of companies demo’d something’s new, somethings derivative and other concepts and … Read more

The Comunicano Daily for Monday December 23 2013

  The Comunicano Daily           Hello from Cascais Portugal. Last week I was in the South of France, where I was working remotely from Domaine d'Aupilhac, helping with the planning of their 25th anniversary, is just as easy as working from home.   Being on the road didn't mean work stopped for me. Meetings using Calliflower,GoToMeeting, WebEx, UberConference. … Read more

The Comunicano Daily for December 4 2013

    The Comunicano Daily           The past week has been a blur. Coming off the holiday weekend which because I'm in Australia and a day ahead meant a six day weekend and that really piled things up. Conference calls using a combination of Calliflower, Voxeet, UberConference, GoToMeeting, WebEx and Skype. … Read more

Thoughts on ….Wi-Fi and 4G

I'm in Melbourne, Australia for the week. Working from here, in a nice one bedroom hotel apartment in the Fitzroy section of town. Fitzroy can best be described as the Mission in San Francisco meets Venice Beach in Los Angeles. Very hip, trendy, not far from the cool kids and loaded with coffee shops and … Read more

When In Roam, Consider This

Ace Los Angeles Times' consumer and biz travel reporter Catherine Hamm and I had a nice "chat" the other day about the problems that still plague those who travel internationally, especially those who travel on business or for extended periods. Trust me I know, and while I have client Truphone as my Swiss Army Knife … Read more

Om Bitches About Data Rates-He’s Not Alone

Pal Om bitched about high international data rates when he's on the road in his weekly "7 stories for the weekend" post, and he's right. But honestly, between my Boingo accounts, Truphone and a variety of local SIMs, I've pretty much got it figure out, but I'll admit, for the infrequent traveler, or someone saddled … Read more

Truphone Benefits from UK Trade and Investment Presence at Mobile World Congress

On one of my trips to London last fall I lobbied on behalf of long-standing client Truphone to be a part of the UK Trade and Investment's pavillion inside the massive and heavily trafficked 2013 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. We were successful and Truphone was one of 10 companies chosen to represent the United … Read more